This is not about grades, this is about knowledge. 

Magnificently prepared for the long littleness of life…
Frances Cornford, 1915

Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.
-Proverbs 23:12

Snapshots of food never nourished anyone.  Grades are snapshots that do not necessarily mirror depth of comprehension, much less, knowledge.  Too often a shallow reminder, they are quick images reflective of parroted input that is limited in scope, controlled by systematic circumstances long in place.

One passes a quiz or test, many are pleased.  One fails them, most are not.  Subsequently, passes and fails are tallied for the big picture at the end of the year.   The view is that some will win and some will lose…just like at Bingo.

Amid the bubbling anxiety, parents wonder if son of daughter will eke by and advance, fall short and have to remediate over the summer, or repeat the class.  Put a few such classes together, and they may have to repeat the year.

There are myriad reasons which somewhat account for failure.  However, one element consistently remains: the pressure to make good grades, the transient product. Very little substance is known or accumulated supporting their validity, beyond seemingly nominal instruction.  Netting the fish at the surface is relatively easy.  Creating strategies and tactics to haul in the big stuff in the deep sea takes skill, determination, commitment, and knowledge. 

Grades become mere simulacra when contrasted to the consummate value of multidisciplinary knowledge.  Grades, repetitively sought and accepted as true indices, are only iterative markers on obscure and disappearing roads.  Knowledge, however, is permanent navigation.  It provides options, alternate routes, and different horizons-and the means to implement and/or attain them.

No one wants a cheap parachute at 14,000 feet…

To seek only grades is to cheapen the learning experience.  One never really knows what one has learned until the day they become lost.  Depth and significance are lost in the race to obtain official reminders of indifferent performance on a dimly lit stage.  Pursuing knowledge is a process that enriches one’s life for its duration.  Grades, devoid of significant and substantive learning, are a self-effacing end to means.  Knowledge is the means to a continuum, affording transition from problems to solutions to successful applications, in a variety of endeavors and in a nonprosaic manner.  One not only knows, but one knows why and how as well.

The bottom line…

Obviously, a grading system must exist in order to measure a student’s performance.  At The Branch School, scores must mean something.  They must represent the depth beyond the cursory, for it is into depth of study that students thrive and mature.  Comprehension, assimilation, and articulation must be substantive or ostensibly any rating assigned to work is insignificant.  Thus, there is a common sense facet to our philosophy of education: in the attainment of thorough knowledge, quality grades will ensue.  The horse is ahead of the cart once more.  It is the conscientious acquiring of knowledge that motivates this philosophy, never the scramble for passing grades.  God expects nothing less from us.


…the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them,
 glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out and meet it.

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:6

The Branch Christian School offers a unique education in a loving, caring and supportive Christian environment.  The work is considerable and detailed.  The learning is deep, thorough, and practical.  Given standards and expectations, sincere and diligent students will rise in anticipation of exceeding both. 

The Branch Christian School firmly believes that passionate teaching and sound biblical guidance in a scholarly initiative will produce quality without diminishment, confidence without haughtiness, and extensive knowledge without pedantic limitation—all to the glory of God.

The Branch Christian School uniquely exceeds spiritual and academic expectations.

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