Education is a continuous process, not a terminal product…

Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Christ Jesus.
-Philippians 1:6

All things are filled full of signs, and it is a wise man who can learn about one thing from another.
-Plotinus, unknown date

Getting an education is not the same as being educated.   Many of us grew up observing that an education was a thing, a commodity necessary for success in life.  Thereto, those good grades were another marketable product necessary to getting an education.  Ironically, those who steered us into broader horizons with expanding options, in reality, marginalized them.  We were shoved into the era of specialization.  As a culture, we suffer from over forty years of diminishing capacity.  We have become intellectually torpid.  We now have gurus instead of savants.  An education ended up in a box on a shelf in the closet.

Many were mired in the swamp between era of vast, fluid, classical (traditional) education and the present age of flat, dry, and prosaic superficiality, of fabricated intellect, the era of being able to locate information, without ever having to understand it.  We were focused on that one thing we studied—the commodity.  Today, that commodity is agenda.

Compounding matters was the arrival of the internet and general technological advancement.  With both came the electronic addiction, the sanctification of false erudition, and the gradual demise of personal capacity for creativity, true art, constructive thought, critical evaluation, even human interactive and confrontational boldness.

On becoming well-rounded: now is the time for this generation…

The Branch School is seeking to restore quality, substance, meaning, and worth to education.  We are among other Christian and traditional preparatory schools nationally, embracing this old concept.  At The Branch School, we understand that God both requires and simultaneously strengthens our finest efforts toward this goal.  As such, learning is comprehensive and continuous by design, building upon the rudimentary and interrelational knowledge between the students’ various courses.

We teach students how to study before the journey into serious academic study and biblical understanding.  We cultivate the assets of investigation, evaluation, interpretation, and validation with the same vigor and dedication as the subject of those assets.  Often, life is a question, not a statement.  These proficiencies define the difference between knowing…and knowing why.  This is not product for a quiz, this is a living process.   This approach will serve them well in the completion of schooling and in the real classrooms of life.  What they solidly learn today will only accrue value if they confidently use it tomorrow.

Our program establishes momentum.  It is what and how we teach.