Thank you for your interest in exploring The Branch Christian School.  This website is provided to acquaint you with the school by highlighting some of its distinctive and defining attributes.  Our site will furnish you with information on our mission, educational philosophy, and program delivery.  Admissions eligibility and enrollment procedures, tuition, and other administrative matters are found in the General Information section.

It is an exciting day at The Branch School!  We have shifted our emphasis and tailored our program, instituting rigorous academics and comprehensive biblical studies, uniquely presented.  This design is offered to assist those students and parents already having interest in a creative program of advanced traditional education coupled with sound biblical exposition in an energized atmosphere.

The Branch Christian School offers educational and life experiences for students and parents, wherein knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate teaching generates uncommon learning, supported by a Christian environment of love and nurturing in the development of personal maturity and responsibility.

The Quick Overview: Attributes and Assets 

We urge you to read all of the information provided in this website before considering submitting application to the school.  The site is significantly detailed because the school is markedly different in character and presentation.  As such, we want you to be familiar with, knowledgeable about, and confident in what and how we teach, support, and groom our students for future success.  The following is a sampling of the process toward that end.  

  • Statement of Faith:
    We affirm in our students that practical Christian life is more challenging, vibrant, and joyous than that which the world offers.
  • The Branch Christian School Mission –
    bringing together demonstrably talented, committed, and responsible students desirous of unparalleled traditional academics coupled with personal growth and maturity in Christ.
  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow:
    How the Redeemer created a Branch.
  • What Makes The Branch Christian School Different –
    A New Direction for an Older School: Avoiding the pending abyss is not a retreat to future mediocrity.
  • Employment of a modified Harkness academic method:
    How tabling the discussion is actually a good thing.  This method is designed for seventh through senior grade levels.  Fourth through sixth grade levels are structured traditionally.
  •  Conscientious scholarly preparation of fourth through senior grade level students:
     traditional academics coupled with maturity in Christ toward leadership in the future.
  • Restoration of critical thinking and the development of discernment:
    we figured that it was time to roil the stagnant waters.
  • Writing is heavily emphasized…anxiety about it is purely optional:
    synesthetics, semiotics, and common sense—what do you want to say, how do you want to say it?
  • Traditional expository biblical studies for practical application to life and learning:
    The Word of God-a journey back to what the scriptures actually say—without legalistic, contemporary cultural, or egalitarian relativism.
  •  Education as a continuous process, not a terminal product:
    Getting an education is not the same as being educated.
  • This is not about grades, this is about knowledge:
    snapshots of food never nourished anyone…at The Branch, dinner is served.
  •  Commitment to teaching both substance and method:
    the dynamics of complete studying–a nonprosaic approach to learning that stimulates inquisitiveness and fosters expanded knowledge.
  •  Notation, notation, notation:
    the real world takes notes–the art of determining and recording what is important and using it.